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Water Sports

Water adventure sports are undertaken at water bodies such as lakes, canals, sea, creeks, ocean, and coastal areas. Water sports geeks travel specific locations to experience soft as well as hard water based adventures and activities such as canoeing, kayaking, water-skiing, sailing, river rafting, and scuba diving.

Snow Adventure

Winter Sports

The original five Winter Olympic Sports (consisting of nine disciplines) were bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, Nordic skiing (consisting of the disciplines military patrol, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, and ski jumping), and skating (consisting of the disciplines figure skating and speed skating).

Forest Tours


Living in a tent or other temporary shelter on open land where outdoor life can be enjoyed to the fullest is called camping. Fresh air, glimpses of wildlife, and the smell of breakfast cooked outside are just some of its rewards. Camping is an activity in which both young and old can take an active part